Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Coke Experiment of 2011

The tray for our toaster oven was a mess. We have no SOS pads or anything else that seemed like it might work. We agreed to try Coke. The video of the bubbling reaction that went on for at least several minutes and maybe hours, was cool. If it posts it is below, otherwise there is a before and an after 6 hours shot. Considering how hard-baked the grease and grime was, this is either impressive, or frightening!


Lynilu said...

Every time I get one of those emails about all the things Coke does, it seems to be longer than the last one! I agree .... impressive or frightening. Flip a coin!

Anysia Derora said...

Frightening...though I think I'm more frightened by the fact that you were fascinated enough to make a video!