Thursday, December 29, 2011

Deals and Such

Did anyone else notice a lack of coupons for the things they really needed or wanted to buy this year?  Some years I have all sorts of promo codes or local store coupons that I can use, but not this year.  I admit I did not go out to the websites where you can search for such things either, prefering that they magically appear when I need them. Oh, wait - I did specifically seek out Round Table Pizza coupons. It is one of my favorite pizzas, and they often have a $3.00 off a large coupon available.  I also had codes for some photo books I wanted to put together for the kids, but just did not have the time.  That is on my list for the New Year - I want to make Disneyland photo books for the kids.  It would have been nice in time for Christmas, but I think they would like them just as much in January!

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