Thursday, December 29, 2011

Transitioning from Christmas to New Year's

I am at work this week, as is Vicki.  It was a busy, but fun Christmas with the kids, then Monday was incredibly relaxing as we just lazied the day away playing with Christmas "toys" and watching movies.  It has been hard to get motivated to return to work, especially given that so many people have this week off.  At least it has made for a very easy-going work-week.  I've spent a bit of time browsing the internet, trying to decide how to spent an Amazon gift card, reading emails, deleting ones for such things as Technical Recruiter Jobs, and returning Christmas greetings from friends. Just a bit more and I can go spend my evening with Vicki. It has been raining all afternoon, and I am sleeping, so returning home to snuggle up with the woman I love sounds most excellent!

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Anysia Derora said...

I so love your last sentence - I had to read it twice. Does it mean you were "sleep-writing" if you were sleeping while writing your blog post? hehehe