Sunday, November 06, 2011


This is Day 6 of National Novel Writing Month. I am not quite at 5000 words. That is somewhat behind where I would like to be if I were writing exactly the same amount each night. Life being what it is though, that sort of consistency is not very practical.  Between being exhausted from battling a cold this week, not sleeping very well, and then being with the kids this weekend, it has been hard to write the last couple of nights. I will get a bit done tonight, strive for consistency throughout the week, and play catch-up between naps next weekend.

My novel is slowly presenting itself to me. I am hoping the story keeps flowing. For me, it is less a creative process than one of discovery and excavation. I think Stephen King once compared writing to being an archaeologist  - slowly uncovering what lies below.  It feels that way for me.  People ask what I am writing about and when I say that I am not quite sure, I am not really being evasive. I am still in discovery mode, and since it is very early in the story, it could go anywhere. Also, I am hesitant to talk to much about things I am writing while in the process. I don't want to dilute any of the energy behind it. Writing this way is fun though, and keeps my interest since I really don't know what is going to happen.

We are having a lazy weekend around here - lots of iPad games, some movies, Kaylen is playing school with a stuffed animal populated classroom. I got a Stitch at Disneyland and she got a kitty while there, so those are the newer students, sharing learning space with Eeyore, Sponge Bob, bunny and Mr. Berries. Yesterday around 3:00, or so, the kids decided they wanted to go on a hike, so we picked a random park with hiking trails and had a nice 2-3 hours getting some fresh air.

As the cool weather starts, Christmas toy catalogs are appearing in the mailbox, and wish lists are starting. Though, interestingly, my kids sometimes jump right past Christmas and aim for their February and April birthdays.  I don't think it is quite time to send a  ref="">birthday invitations , but I appreciate their planning for the future. :)  This year, I suspect there may be some Disney-themed gifts under the tree, though I am not sure if I can hold on to the planned-collages quite that long.  On the other hand, since most of my free time should be being spent writing, even making time to create and order the collages is going to be challenging!

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Anysia Derora said...

I love this post and what you said about writing is like being an archeologist...very cool analogy. Sadly, as I was reading i was thinking, wow - look at all the words she could have used in her story!! hehehe Good job on writing and blogging! You're doing great!!