Friday, May 27, 2011

Walking Field Trips

I do not remember ever taking a walking field trip when I was in school. No, wait, yes I do.  We used to sometimes get to walk to the ice-skating rink when I lived in Canada. (They take ice-skating very seriously up there!) That would have been 4th and 5th grades.  Anyway, the kids both had walking field trips to the library this month.  I imagine much of this is due to budget cuts. Also, considering the number of kids in each of their classes who had either not been to the library or did not have their own library card, it is really good the school steps in to help out.

I volunteered to chaperone each of their trips, and am really glad I did. It was a chance to see them with their school friends, and see what other children their age are like.  I hate to perpetuate stereotypes - but they are stereotypes for a reason. Lots of boys are really just weird - and lots of little girls are drama queens.  Not all - but enough I can see my wonder kids are quite normal. 

We had fun - yesterday with Kelton's class, the rain poured and we all got soaking wet - but still fun.  I know it meant a lot to both of them to have me involved. They are used to Casey doing school things because she runs the PTO, but they are never sure what I can attend.  This was important and I was happy work provides the flexibility for me to do such things. 


Mimi said...

When my children were in school and they went of a field trip we didn't take the school buses moms drove x amount of children and you were had to watch the kids in your group......I remember always counting the kids in my group so I wouldn't lose now they have to go on a school bus....again money problems.....why can't or why don't people take off work to do things with the kids???? I always did and had a blast but then again we never went on that may vacations....

Proto Attorney said...

Huh, that makes sense. I've never heard of that before, but I saw a huge group of kids walking down the road the other day with teacher escorts. Wondered what that was about. I bet you're right, it is to save money on buses.

Sounds like a fun day!