Friday, May 27, 2011

Job Update

After close to 5 months on the new job, I am finally feeling like I know enough about things to do some tasks on my own, and am not totally lost when people speak! Hurray for progress!  The last couple weeks have been filled with rich learning experiences that have been very worthwhile, which feels really good considering I have had several weeks of mostly boredom.

Also, I have been trying to learn some basics about Access databases on my own to complete a project I was given.  I have done OK-ish, with help from my geeky girlfriend, although I have suddenly experienced a set-back and have examined everything I can think of to fix it. No success.  Guess I could try interet searches and wade past advertisements for diet supplement, muscletech hydroxycut, and who knows what else, in hopes of reading someone else's problem and answer that might shed light on my situation. 

Or not.

Maybe I should just try to look busy and chat with my co-worker/trainer and while away the hours until I can go home.  Less than 2 1/2 hours to go! 

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Lynilu said...

We are at about the same stage in the jobs, and I can certainly identify with you on this. I was actually thinking this earlier today, feeling glad that I finally feel I have a handle on most tasks, and best of all, I can switch back and forth from one to the other without feeling as if I need to start over! It feels good, doesn't it? :)