Friday, May 20, 2011

Warmer Weather Has Arrived!

Looking outside at the gorgeous day, I am having a hard time believing that this weekend is not going to be just as warm and beautiful.  I have the urge to pick up and go to the beach or camping or Seattle, or anywhere because it feels like summer!  Time to look into rv financing and hit the road!  OK, maybe with today's gas prices, not so much, but still, that drive to go out and enjoy the good weather while it is here is strong. 

HOWEVER (note that it is a big HOWEVER), the weather folks say clouds and rain in store for the weekend, though temps still in the 60's, so not too cold.  Maybe I am jumping the summer gun a bit...but that is what spring is for right?  Probably we will stick close to home, maybe rent some Wii games and a movie, maybe buy a veggie plant or two, take some nice walks with the kids, and not get too far from home.  Besides, with Kelton and my allergies, maybe a big outdoor adventure is not what we need. 

Oh, well, a good weekend is still in store - and I don't need to know what it looks like - just that it is almost here!  Have fun!

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Anysia Derora said...

All I can say is you definitely jumped the summer gun on this post! :-) I'm really enjoying your blog, thanks so much for sharing!