Friday, May 06, 2011

The Price of Art

I love to encourage creativity in the kids, so most of the time when they want to print something out from the computer, I let them.  It is usually coloring pages, or something they want to cut out to make a picture of, or maybe something that they have created that they wish to print.  I recently did something really fun in what I call "the middle room." It would be a dining room, but I see no reason to take up space on a room that would rarely be used as such and instead want to keep it more open, creative space, which will soon include an office area for Vicki.  Anyway, what I did was put up what is basically white board wallpaper. It comes on a roll that is 2'x20', it is self-adhesive and removable/repositionable.  So fun!  Kaylen drew pictures, then wanted me to take photographs of them, put on the computer, and then print out. Clever, right?

(This gives an idea of how the white board looks in the room. The long stretches are about 7 feet long each, and the short ones almost 3 feet long.)

The problem with all the printing is how fast printers burn through the ink!  Now we'll be needing more canon ink cartridges far sooner than anticipated. Those things are not cheap, either.  We have not tried refillables on the new printer. I was mixed on some that I have tried before. The color was OK for most of the kids' needs, but not great for things where color quality might really matter. At least, that was my experience. 


Lynilu said...

I want summa dat!! For me!!!

Dakota said...

I found it on :)
Called Gowrite Dry Erase Rolls.
I love it! Used it for my writing project last weekend. Use it for "To Do" notes, reminders, fun doodling...

Coupons said...

Ink cartridges are ridiculously expensive. I recently bought a Kodak printer because the ink is cheaper than most. I'm not terribly impressed with the printer, but at least maybe I'll save some money in the long run.