Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmastime Fun!

After finding out about my new job, I rewarded myself by buying one of those cool kid car track sets that they have set up in mall kiosks.  I always have told the kids we could not get one.  Were they ever surprised to come to the apartment last week and find the track set up all around the Christmas tree!!

I know, lots of people might have gone out and bought new clothes, or jewelry - I bought a toy!

Today, Christmas Eve Eve (as Kelton informed me), we baked and decorated sugar cookies.  As you may note, we used a rather unique rolling pin.  :)

Kelton was more interested in printing and coloring pictures from Wizards 101.  He was doing a great job, and later, Kaylen joined him.

We rounded out the night with more coloring, watching Christmas shows, and eating Chinese food we had delivered.  (Or at least, that is the plan...I am currently updating my blog while Vicki is coloring with the kids and we await food delivery.) We are all enjoying our pre-Christmas fun, and looking forward to Christmas day!

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Lynilu said...

Hey, toys as a splurge rock!

Great pictures! The kids really look happy and like they are having fun! Life is good, isn't it?