Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Wow - what a full weekend we had over the Thanksgiving holiday! It started with a potluck Thanksgiving at my nephew's house. There were about 16 adults and 8 children - turkeys both baked and deep fried, 3 kinds of stuffing, plus a variety of veggies and, of course, desserts!  It was fun that the kids got to play with their cousins that they mostly only see at holidays and birthday parties, good for me to catch up with people, and nice for Vicki to spend a bit more time with my family.

Later weekend fun included Zoo Lights - a light display at our local zoo featuring animals, decorated trees and colored lights of all sorts.  I will upload some pictures soon.  We also decorated the tree, made a gingerbread train....and....duh, duh, duh, duh  (sound of trumpets)...Kaylen lost her first tooth!! It took a bit of prodding from me....but it had to be done. She was crying almost everytime she ate because food was hurting the loose tooth when she bit down.  When I pushed on it the last time ("come on, let me see it again"), she started to get mad because it hurt, but then she realized the tooth was loose in her mouth and shouted, "I lost my tooth!"  She was so excited! She ran through the apartment showing Kelton and Vicki, and then called Casey.....big excitement!  We celebrated by going to see Disney's Tangled, which we all enjoyed very much!  Kaylen was so sweet the rest of the weekend - looking at me and saying, "thank you for helping me loose my tooth."  What a sweet girl!

We had a nice balance of quiet time in the apartment and outside activity, which is something I am striving for, especially as winter sets in.  A very nice holiday weekend!  Pictures to follow. :)

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Lynilu said...

I like weekends like that. It sounds really fun. And how exciting for Kaylen to lose that first tooth. woot woot!