Thursday, December 02, 2010

Little Tasks Adding Up

You know how sometimes you just need a day to catch up on all the small tasks?  I think I could use one of these every week!  None of the tasks take long, and I usually make a list so I can cross them off, because it feels good to know they are done!  First - there is always sorting through the emails - which are maybe Christmas sales I actually want to look at vs ones about the best male enhancement products which I am certain I will NEVER need.  Then there's things like paying the bills online, uploading pictures from the camera, backing up the computer files onto a portable hard drive, checking into status of a student loan, updating my blog, and checking the job posting sites.  I am splitting those things up over the course of a few days this week, and it feels a bit fractured, but I can say as my list gets closer to completion, the happier I feel!  It should be a "duty-free" weekend!

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