Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Spinning Positive

OK, folks, I think it is time for some positivity. Everywhere we turn these days there is depressing news, people are worried, scared, and spreading their fears and depression like wildfire. I heard on a talk radio show the other day where a top economist was asked when we'd see a turn-around in the economy. He said not to ask him, but to instead ask a psychologist. He believed that much of what will get us out of this bad economy are our own attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

Is will certainly take more than just one person being positive - it requires our entire culture, or at least, a fair portion of it. We have to believe that good things will happen, spread encouragement and enthusiasm, and then be brave enough to try new things rather than hoping the same old ways of doing things are going to produce different results.

For myself, I am going to be conscious of focusing on all of the positive things in my life and how grateful I am for them. I have a wonderful Wife, amazing children, a nice home, a good job, family health insurance, food in the refrigerator, loving furry members of our family, the opportunity to go to law school, all of us are relatively healthy, and so much more.

When negativity is ruling, all of those things may seem to have a down side, or something that is difficult to deal with sometimes, but looked at in a positive light - they are amazing things that so many people do not have and I am grateful for everything good that is in my life.


Lynilu said...

I agree with this to a large extent, but boy is it hard to be positive in this atmosphere!! Like you, I try to focus on those positive aspects of my life, and it tends to pull me closer to my core. I tend to stay closer to home, do more things here at the house vs. going out and spending $$, a good think for me, but for the overall economy?? Not so much. It's a wicked Catch 22.

Dakota said...

Lynilu -
Agree about the Catch 22. If we could all keep spending, it would be good for the economy, but how can we keep spending when we are worried about losing jobs, rising mortgages, rising prices of consumer goods..etc? Craziness. I have to believe we will work our way out of this though, and hopefully, end up in a much better situation, with more people supporting local businesses and less of our work being outsourced to other countries.

Monogram Queen said...

Hey despite the shakiness of my job I went and bought a new car. I choose to be positive and believe I will be just fine and able to pay for it with no problem.
I hate people who focus on negativigty!

Dakota said...

Monogram Queen - Good for you! Hope you love your new car!