Thursday, March 05, 2009

(Nearly) Have Degree - Will Travel (Not)

A couple days ago I heard two day students talking (I make the distinction because they are generally younger, have less responsibilities, have the luxury of participating in whatever activities and clerkships they are fortunate enough to qualify for, and often have somwhat different priorities than the majority of evening students) about where they want to work.

"I'll go wherever the jobs are."

"I hear there are still firms hiring in Texas."

As the discussion went on, they were pretty sure the jobs were not in a cool part of Texas, but were probably in some barren wasteland devoid of all culture and real opportunity. I guess they could have hopped on the Internet and checked out some job sites. Maybe there are good opportunities in San Antonio or Dallas. I imagine Dallas resumes would look pretty much the same as those you'd send to New York, Seattle, or LA. It must be nice to have the flexibility to be able to move wherever will be best for your career. One of the guys was talking about going to another country to practice International Law.

I have to say, as exciting as moving might be to provide opportunity, Wife and I are at a point in our lives we'd like to stay close to family. It's important to us, and good for the kids. Besides, we already live in what is arguably the best part of the country now - mild weather, very few natural disasters, very few dangerous (poisonous) insects or reptiles, it is a beautiful environment, lots of "green" people into recycling and doing good things for the earth, largely Democrats, fairly supportive of gay rights and progressive legislation. Finding a good job here will be just right for our family.


Monogram Queen said...

I wish you much luck in your job endeavors Dakota!
I would hate to think I were moving to TX - ack.

Lynilu said...

I hope you find a job right there where you are. I love that area, but because of SAD I couldn't live there. I can't imagine you living in TX. I don't know any gays living there, but I can't imagine it is a good atmosphere, based on the politics, the closed mindedness I've encountered with tourists here, and judging from some of the (so called) humor that comes out of there. The negativity I've encountered hasn't been focused on the gay community, but the bitter and vile rhetoric about immigrants, Democrats, etc. is awful.

I was born in TX. These days, I'm quick to explain that we lived on a far across the state line in OK (although that's as conservative, just not as obnoxious about it) and the hospital was across the state line.

Stay where you are.

Dakota said...

Let me be clear - I do not want to move to Texas. I think there might be some interesting places to live, but I have no intention of uprooting my family from the NW.