Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Framed! (Just the memories.)

"So, this is Spring Break," she said, staring out the window of her office into the gloomy, rain-soaked cement courtyard. Around her was spread out law review articles, snippets of Supreme Court cases, an Immigration Law syllabus, various pens, paper, and highlighters, and of course, the trusty laptop.

Spring Break has become more like Spring Catch-Up, and neither me nor my family is enjoying it much. Fortunately tomorrow we are going to get out of town for a few days to visit Wife's family and celebrate kids' birthdays, so maybe that will provide a little much needed escape.

I'm almost done with my half workday so I can switch to homework. I'm in the midst of a HUGE research paper that I never should have gotten myself into, but did. I'm staring at my digital picture frame, which tells the story of a couple of snowy days back in December. At the time, we thought it was a decent amount of snow, but compared to what followed, it was nothing. Still, I love the way the pictures move from one to the next, showing the first bits of snowfall, the kids playing in it, the small snowman that was later built, and the creation of snow angels. I see now how a person could carefully load the pictures in a particular order to really tell the story in an artful way, like we do for the "movie" slideshows Wife and I have made for each other for computer playback. Of course, those have music, so are much more powerful, but these silent shows have their own beauty.

I remember when the digital frames first came out. They were so expensive! I had one coworker with one that I just loved. Now you can get a good digital picture frame on Sale for under $50. The one I linked to above is only $33 with free shipping. Can't beat that. Truthfully, I know nothing about the brand, but even the low end ones these days seem pretty decent, especially if it is just to have at work as a nice distraction and reminder of what is important.

Perhaps in the next couple of weeks I will switch my silent show from snowtime to springtime. Bring on the sunny days!


Monogram Queen said...

I have a digital frame I still can't figure out how to work!
Enjoy your spring break, mine is over.

Mimi said...

before I even check out the site....are they hard to load? Afte reading your first comment not sure if I am SMART enough to

Dakota said...

Casey loaded ours, but I think it was probably easy. It is just a little SD card that goes from the computer to the frame, or you can even use a USB drive. you have me wondering if our computer does have an SD drive, or if two steps were loading to camera first. Casey?

Casey said...

We have a card reading slot in the CPU so I just copy photos onto the card and presto! :)

Easy peasy!

Mimi said...

ok I am going to check out the frame today if you hear a crazy women SCREAMING it's just me don't