Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nearly the End of Summer? NO!

It has been an amazing summer. I have traveled, moved into a new apartment, gotten deeper into a relationship that is intense and full of promise, and tried to help the kids feel like this new home is their new home, too.

I know Casey has posted a ton of pictures of the fun things she has done with the kids, but as many of you know, I don't share a ton of pictures on this blog. Mostly that is a matter of not taking the time to upload them...I do take pictures on my phone and send them to Facebook. My FB friends see silly pictures of the kids quite often.

I have not gone to many "destinations" with the kids, but we have been getting used to the apartment and exploring our surroundings nearby. We've found splash parks, the neighborhood farmer's market is now a regular part of our Sunday routine, and checking out the 7-11 at the end of the block to see what is at the Redbox is common. Today we will go to a lake about 20 minutes away and play on the peddle boats. We tried last week, but they were closed. Very disappointing!

It is strange getting used to not living with my kids, and I notice it more now that I have another place to live. It is both difficult and joyful to see the kids moving on with people that could potentially be part of their new family. I want them to have all the happiness and love possible in their lives, but it is hard to know that so much of their lives happen without me now. I believe leaving was something I had to do. Now I must try to do everything I can to stay an important part of their lives, offering the kinds of lessons, love and stability that I might not have been able to otherwise.

We have had an odd-weather summer here with not nearly enough sun, and a couple very hot weeks. I am not ready to say good bye to summer fun - picnics, parks, hikes, the beach....I know, most things can be done in fall and spring....but it is not the same when the chill is in the air and chances are better than not that you will get rained on. September should still be nice. I will mostly be on my own, as my girlfriend will be back east, but I am sure the kids and I will still find some kinds of fun to get into!

Oh, and Caroline, this one is especially for you. :)

This is Vicki and me at Munson Falls in Oregon.


Caroline said...

LOL!!! Thanks for the picture!!! You guys are such a cute couple and I am so happy that you are happy.

I am glad you and the kids are settling into a new routine. I love the pic of the kids on the bed.

I think you and Casey are handling the break up so well and I love that you are focusing on what the kids need. You are both great parents and the kids are lucky to have the two of you.

Lynilu said...

Hey, Dakota, you have to think of it as the kids' family expanding rather than them having a new family. Very important concept. It's not easy for anyone, this step into having multiple homes, new members in the family, etc. But it can work. :)

I chuckled at the pic of Kaylen in the suitcase. I have a similar one from about 10 years back when my then 14 yr old granddaughter folder herself up in one of our suitcases so we could take her with us on a cruise!

And the pic of you and V .... nice! You make an attractive couple!

Dakota said...

Funny thing about the suitcase picture - it was actually after the trip, before I had to return the suitcase to my Mom. Kaylen thought it looked like a great place to snuggle into.

I like the picture of Vicki and me, too. Thanks!

Dakota said...

Thank you for all the nice comments. Casey and I try our best, occasionally stumble, and get back up again. Life moves on. Tough to know what is best for the kids, so we are kind of winging it. Guess that is what parenthood is more often than not!

By the way - we have the upper bunk mattress now. :)