Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Listening to Mamma Mia - Try through Buy.Com

Should it embarrass me that I have been listening to the soundtrack to Mamma Mia on my Mp3 player? Well, it doesn't! I thought this was a really fun movie. I love that it is filled with middle-aged women singing, dancing, talking about having sex, and having a great time amidst life's struggles.

I am not a huge Meryl Streep fan, I don't hate her or anything, just not crazy about her, so that is not why I like the movie. Mostly I like the music and the absurdity of the situations. The basic premise, for those who do not know, is that a young woman is getting married and invites the three men that might possibly be her father to the wedding without her mother knowing. The mother, Meryl Streep, is quite surprised to find these past lovers come back into her life, and of course, she still holds a torch for one of them.

I like Pierce Brosnan. He is handsome, and funny in this role, but really, he should stick to acting...singing is not his thing and I am reasonably sure most viewers who listen to SOS deserve an apology from the filmmakers who allowed this song to stay in. Oh, heck, even that is oddly charming in a way that makes you want to plug your ears and skip the song on the soundtrack.

The soundtrack itself is loads of fun and makes for good driving tunes. Seventeen songs are featured, which I think is most, if not all, of the songs from the movie. I like listening to the Soundtrack from the movie rather than a Broadway version because it reminds me of the movie experience. I especially love Christine Baranski singing "Does Your Mother Know?" about the not-so-subtle intentions of a maybe-legal boy who is attracted to her.

This soundtrack is on sale all over the place, but I enjoyed purchasing the download from a web site in order to have instant gratification!

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Lynilu said...

Hey-ell no, you should not be embarrassed! I love that movie and the music. I don't have the specific sound tract, but I have tons of Abba, and most/all of the songs from the movie. When I'm traveling, it is one of my favorite things to listen to. I plug my iPod into the truck stereo, and sing away with them!! Fun!