Monday, August 16, 2010

Cordless Drills at

Let's talk about drills.


Yes. They are on my mind because I have had one sitting in my living room for about three weeks now. I brought it over from the house to hang some lights on the wall. (Wall lights that are like art...way cool!) Ends up we did not need it, but the drill, and the heavy-duty power cord have been waiting to go back to the garage (sharing it with Casey) ever since. Might still need know how those thoughts go. I will need it as soon as I return it.

Yes, I did say power cord. I love cordless drills, but sometimes you need more power, or one that is not 15 years old and no longer holds a charge. :)

I love our DeWalt power drill. Lots of power! (Can't you hear Tim "The Toolman" Taylor grunting?) Easy to use, reliable, a great drill. I would love a cordless DeWalt. I saw one with a 9.6 volt motor that is 3.4 pounds and it would be great for just about everything, I suspect. OK, maybe not building a whole deck. Don't know how long the charge would last, but for most household projects - this would be perfect!

I may have to keep my eyes open for a sale on one of these bad boys. A girl's gotta have her power tools! *grin*

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Lynilu said...

Arr, arr, arr. I love my power tools!