Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buy.Com Inflatable Roof Rack

Many years ago, I had planned on getting into kayaking, but somehow life just happened, kids came along, and I never did. I would occasionally rent one on the beach in Mexico, or wherever, and tool around a bit, but never got serious about it. I think it is time to get serious again. My new girlfriend is into any kind of adventure and has been wanting to try kayaking, so this past weekend, we took a tour on a few miles of the Patuxent River in Maryland. We had a great time and are now looking at lessons and getting our own kayaks, once we've done the research and know what we really want.

One of the challenges, in my mind, is how to carry the kayaks. Roof racks are an obvious solution, but do you get hard rack ones like Yamahas, or something that I recently discovered, inflatables?

The inflatable roof-top carrier rack is said to have all of the advantage of a regular rack, without the disadvantages, which I suppose the main one to be possibility of being stolen or tampered with. These can be stored in the trunk, or wherever, and inflated in minutes for use as needed. They appear easy to install and would not damage your car and could be used for a variety of cargo. At a sale price of less than $100, I believe that beats the cost of most hard rack systems, so that is one definite advantage. I think I will have to do some research, but this seems like a good potential option!

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Caroline said...

I love kayaking as well. One of the best times I had kayaking was when L and I were in the Florida keys. It was just beautiful!!