Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Hauntings

(Written quickly in a pause between classes on Halloween night. Cut and Pasted the next morning.)

Gosh, is there anything more powerful than Mommy-Guilt? I have been feeling horrible all night for not skipping classes and going trick-or-treating with my family. My son and I had a great time this past weekend doing pumpkin carving, face painting and having little Halloween parties. Still, I missed THE night. I missed seeing him in his costume. I missed the family fun. Plus all that, my partner had to do it all alone - kids into costumes, lugging them around to Grandma's, trick-or-treating in the dark, misty/rainy neighborhood…*sigh* Doing this all alone was not part of our bargain. I should have been there to help.

Still, a good time was had and my son was home by 7:00 with a tummy ache shortly thereafter. Once again, the hardest part about law school is not the academic challenge, but the emotional burden of the commitment. Go figure.


Dagny said...

Sorry about the mommy guilt. That has got to be hard. I bet they looked adorable in their costumes!

lawcrastinator said...

Don't feel bad! You are doing so much for them by going to law school and the lessons they learn from that are far more valuable. Plus, it give your SO something to complain about which is valuable in and of itself!

LawSchool Mama said...

Thanks for the smile.
I am sure my Significant Other will appreciate your viewpoint. I will add a slightly sarcastic, "Like she NEEDS more fuel for that fire!"