Monday, November 14, 2005

The L Word Withdrawal

Well, after spending the last week watching the second season of The L Word, my partner and I finished Season 2 last night. Like any good drama, it left me wanting more. Today I am in L Word withdrawal. How can I wait another year for Season 3 to come out on DVD? (As much as I would love to have and to support Showtime, we just can’t justify the cost. Especially considering our lack of available tv watching time.) A whole year without Shane? *sigh* This sexy show has sucked me into the lives of these complex characters who irritate, fascinate, stimulate and now *poof* - it’s gone for another year. Perhaps we should have shown more restraint and only watched one episode a week. Right. It kind of reminds me of the Neil Simon play, “Same Time Next Year.” Our affair with this show will continue next year at this time, assuming Season 3 is released in the fall, as was Season 2.

Ilene Chaiken, creator and executive producer of the show, is my new hero. There is a very good interview with her on Planet Out, done near the end of Season One. (Follow that link and there are great interviews and extras from the cast!) How much history is this woman making - or at least, helping to make? She basically says she is just telling her stories. She knew the time was ripe for people to see the lives of lesbians portrayed on tv. (Legal types - cite is from interview link above. If I were more obsessive I get out my ALWD manual and figure out the format, but I'm not.) The fact it was picked up for a second season after only the second show is a testament to the truth of that. Third Season was picked up very quickly, too. Don't recall specifics.

OK, I clearly have a Legal Writing paper due. Two blogs in one day. Can you say “procrastination”?

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