Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Confessions of an L-Word Junkie:

OK, Ladies, it’s out and we have it – “The L Word: Season 2”.
So far, we’ve only made it through episode 3, but that’s only due to lack of time, not lack of interest. I was pretty sure we’d lost our minds when we didn’t shut the DVD player off until after 11:00 last night. (I get up at 5:00am, and my partner is awake on and off all night with the baby, and we'd gotten very little sleep the night before). Somehow, though, watching all those women (OK, yes, HOT women) validating our lives is totally worth it. Check ‘em out on line at: www.thelwordonline.com

I want to be Shane when I grow up. OK, so I’d have to start aging backwards. Let’s put it this way, I SHOULD have been Shane when I was younger. I get that she’s deeply lonely inside and doesn’t emotionally connect with any of her conquests, but she does have good friends and connects with them on some level. That means she’ll probably get to a mature relationship someday, but that’s not really what’s fascinating about Shane, is it? Funny, I want to BE Shane, but I am pretty sure my partner just wants to BE WITH Shane. Works, though, doesn’t it?

*sigh* All right, back to the reality of my life* - mom, wife, employee, student - when DO the women of "The L Word" find the time to hang out in bars and coffee houses, drinking, dancing, and doing it? Oh, right, no kids yet!

*Not that my life is something to escape from. I have a great life and great family, but we all could use a good fantasy now and then!


Casey said...

Yep. I want to BE with Shane. Damn she's hot. Especially in glasses. Too bad you don't wear yours very often..... :)

*sigh* Wouldn't it be nice to escape into that reality for a week or so? :) :) : )

LawSchool Mama said...

Indeed! *searching for glasses that should be somewhere on my desk*