Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally - Some Pictures!

I finally made the time to upload some photos from the fun we've had this summer so far.  Here are a few choice shots.

An evening campfire trip at a local lake near the start of summer. It rained - but we still roasted hot dogs and had s'mores!

Some Sponge Bob Art by Kaylen:

Camping in the Olympic National Rainforest - in a platform tent - kind of like a yurt or cabin:

Vicki and I took at trip on our own to The Dalles - beautiful scenery and we even checked out a local winery:

Baby Grapes!

Mt. Hood and the Columbia River

This dandelion (?) was huge - maybe 4 inches across.  Minutes after I took the pictures, a boy came along and brushed it all away with his hands, scattering the seeds to the winds. I felt lucky to have captured it in its full glory.  (Besides, everyone knows this is a "wish flower" and the proper way to scatter the seeds is to make a wish and blow them into the air!) 

Vicki and I also did some tent-camping in The Gorge - but I decided to be camera-free, and yesterday work had our company picnic at Oaks Amusement Park. I again decided to be camera-free, other than posting a few shots to Facebook from my Blackberry. 

Here is Kaylen, winning the Hoola Hoop contest....those two girls would not stop....I think they went through about 6 songs:

Riding rides:


and here are my munchkins looking happy at the end of our day:

More fun to come!


Lynilu said...

Golly, I can't believe how those kids are growing!! They are so cute! I like the pic of you and Vicki. :) Who took it?

Dakota said...

Thank you! The camera was on a timer. :) It is a really sweet picture, especially when zoomed in.

Christy said...
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Anysia Derora said...

These are great pictures! I'm so glad you posted them. Have to say that my mouth is watering after seeing the marshmallow on fire!