Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 7 - Favorite Movies

Hmmm....tough topic, because in some ways, it depends on my mood. I like lots of different kinds of movies, so I will just mention a few of my favorites.

I will say, it is almost certain my favorite movies do not involve underground shelters or much in the way of death and destruction....although, if you add in some of the Harry Potter movies, I guess there is a good bit of that.  Vicki and I just went to see the last installment of HP last night, and I was not disappointed. I have been impressed with how each movie was really able to stay true to the tone and feel of the book.  I had forgotten how dark this last book was - but oh so good.

Other favorites - Grease, yes, the musical.  Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Silence of the Lambs - yes, dark and creepy, but so well done.  Oh - Avatar! I LOVED that movie. I think I saw it in the theater 3 or 4 times - and I am not the type that will usually do that. The Indiana Jones series.  The more recent Disney and Pixar movies rank pretty high - especially the Stitch ones, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc. and Enchanted. 

I enjoy romantic comedies, some action - but not the really violent, military stuff, kid movies, mild sci-fi or mild horror - Poltergeist springs to mind, and musicals.  I love a happy ending and a tragic, or even sad, ending will pretty much guarantee I will pan the movie and not want to see it again. 

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