Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still Enjoying the Sun!

We have had some beautiful weather lately. After some rain and clouds a week or so again, our nice weather returned! What a relief! No one I know was ready to greet fall quite yet. Wife had put up the fall decorations, but it was done grudgingly. We are all still enjoying the sun too much!

Though we had to take in the patio cushions due to rain just last Friday,I believe it was, we've since brought them back out of the garage. This morning it was already 72 degrees at 6:00am. We had an unseasonably warm wind keeping things warm all night long. It felt wonderful!

Our kids are getting really good and strong playing on the new trapeze bar that Wife got for the swing set. Boy Wonder can now "bounce" - holding the rings, do a forward flip, touch down, then do a backwards flip. The little princess isn't quite tall enough for that - but she can do amazing - and slightly frightening things - all the same. She is so strong and coordinated! She will be so upset when it is too cold and wet to play "trapeze tricks." I have a feeling she will be out there with a towel, trying anyway.

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