Friday, September 11, 2009

The Point on a Friday When You Are Done

Well, heck, when I get comments and emails, I feel like there are people out there reading this craziness I write and feel compelled to write more. The lesson here: you are only encouraging me, people!

It's Friday afternoon. All my work and email playmates are off enjoying their lives. Wife is at home seeing if she can win the argument with our Little Princess that it is too hot to put up the tent by herself. (Little Princess has offered to help hammer in the stakes. She is good at hammering. Really.) This has forced me to actually do work and accomplish things, but come on, a person can really only be expected to be so productive on a beautiful Friday afternoon. I have reached that limit.

The result is that now I am going to write about the random things going through my mind today.

First, while I appreciate that our Career Services is offering a substantively packed 6-week intensive to help us network, find volunteer opportunities, become more effective legal researchers and a plethora of other skills aimed at increasing our employability, I am having trouble accepting that it needs to be done four evenings a week for those six weeks. What this amounts to is that I won't see my kids again for most of the week for six weeks. Wife and kids are not happy - I am somewhat appreciative of the opportunity - but very skeptical. I'll give it the first week and if it doesn't seem very worthwhile, I just won't be able to continue. The family has sacrificed a lot with the promise I would be home after the bar exam. It will only be about 8 weeks since the exam by the time this class starts. This is making my credibility with the kids seem rather weak.

Next - why is it that people don't read for content? At least twice already today I have had people come to me with situations thatt would have been avoided had the person they were dealing with actually read the information presented. Simply reading the subject line is not enough, particularly if you are a manager or otherwise in charge of a project. Just saying....

A friend sent this to me today in reference to one of our co-workers. It is from a George Lopez routine:

"You better spray bug spray on your legs otherwise the ants are going to climb up and eat your candy *ss."

On that happy note, I wish you all a lovely weekend!

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Proto Attorney said...

I'm sorry, I got confused at the part where your career services office is actually doing anything at all to help you find jobs? Really? I would love to know more about the program your school is offering. If you have the time, can you email me about it? I'd love to take it to our dean. At the very least our dean needs to contact your dean and find out more about it. Our career services office is so bad that students look for the job postings in our city on the other law school's website (in another city), because they aren't even on our website. Pathetic.