Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Taking it easy.....
Wow, so this was what my pre-law-school-life was like. Sort of. Evenings and weekends at home with my family. Time for yard work, tv shows, even a little sleep. I'm getting to know my kids again, and my wife. These are very good things. I love school. I really do. Right now, though, I am loving summer! Bring it on!

The very first Saturday after finals were done we went to Powell's Books in Portland. For anyone not from around here, this is the most amazing bookstore ever. It takes up an entire city block and I don't even know how many floors. I could probably spend a week there without getting bored. Check out this quote from their website:

"The greatest bookstore in the world, bar none, sprawls in the blandest of buildings on Portland's Burnside Street....The store that calls itself the City of Books has been dubbed 'the best bookstore in the English-speaking world' (author Susan Sontag), 'the world's greatest bookstore' (The Seattle Times), 'the mother monster of bookstores' (author Ursula Le Guin), and 'one of the most innovative and creative enterprises in the country' (The Wall Street Journal). How does Powell's, an independent in a sea of chain stores, stay afloat? Answers: a vast offering of used books, a stunning selection of out-of-print books, a crammed roomful of rare books, its knowledgeable and verbose staffers, the comfortable ambience of the mother store, and its secret weapon: www.powells.com...." VIA: The Magazine For The Western Traveler, March 2003

I now have 6 books that I do not have to read for anything other than my own pleasure.
Thank you for your suggestions - received both verbally and on this blog. What did I end up with?

- The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
- Therapy by Jonathan Kellerman
- Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman (Yes, I like Kellerman)
- A Widow for One Year by John Irving
- The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
- The King of Torts by John Grisham

I've started with Therapy (about time, right?). I'm a long-time fan of the Alex Delaware series. They are techically murder mysteries, I suppose, but the main character is actually a psychologist who is a consultant for the police, so they've got a psychological thriller edge to them. The main character is straight and his best friend is a gritty, tough defying-the-stereotypes gay police detective. Nice, realistic banter between the two men. Oh, hell, what do I know? It might not be realistic conversation between men, but it feels real. It would be real if they were both analytical, not overly emotional, but still sensitive women.

This weekend we head off for 6 nights at the Disneyland resort! Great way to celebrate the end of 1L. Hey- I'm a 2L! "I'm goin' to Disneyland!"

Hope my fellow classmates are having a wonderful summer!


cody said...

Time Traveller's Wife is the best book ever. For real. One of the last books I read before law school. Amazing.

Have fun with Mickey :-)

Carolyn said...

hey. i'm not sure that youll ever see this. i hope you do. i swear to god i'm not creepy or anything i was just following links about L word online cuz i'm crazy. i wanted to tell you that even the first fifteen minutes i've now spent looking at your page and interests and everything has been amazing. i'm 17 years old and am SO happy to see someone who's older and in an amazing relationship with their partner still - i get scared i wont be strong enough to make it that far. i was talking to my girlfriend and we both individually decided we wanted to talk to you. maybe thats too weird. and i dunno how you might want to do that. but thank you for just saying everything you say. my email is cbdiscool@aol.com if you ever want to respond. my name is carolyn. thanks!

Dagny said...

It's good to hear that you are having a nice and relaxing summer. I am in SLC for the summer, so I don't get to go to Powell's. I am jealous!

Blonde Justice said...

Oooh, I read The Time Traveller's Wife last summer and loved it! Enjoy!