Thursday, May 11, 2006

The End Is Near!

No, not a religious post.
Law school post.

One more three-hour exam, tonight, and I am done with 1L. Wow. It went by quickly, it really did. Someday, perhaps I will have the brainpower to contemplate the experience. Today is not that day. I don't know when I have ever felt this exhausted. I was really tired after my partner's 37-hour labor, followed by a C-section, followed by me becoming the primary (and somewhat clueless) caregiver since my wife was hooked up to tubes and such, followed by our baby's 4-day stay in the NICU. I barely got any sleep for those 6 days. That was exhausting physically and emotionally. This is mentally exhaustion, which I don't think I've ever experienced before. If I step back and look at it, it is sort of interesting: interesting in that floaty, what-was-that-I-just-took sort of way. In fact, if I think about it more that a few seconds, it puts a little smile on my face.

Random thoughts: Last post I was not saying I want a sports car. I wouldn't mind one, but that was not the point. It was about control and bonding and a lot of stress. I actually like of like the Subaru Baha. Not so much a sports car, but sporty, nonetheless.

Ghost Whisperer is an amazing show that had a totally"did-not-see-that-coming" season finale.

I thought I'd look up some interesting facts on chocolate. As it turned out, none of them held my interest. Trivia: There is a bag of M&M's waiting for me with my pre-final dinner. Thanks, Wife :)

OK, that's it. I'm out. Got nothing else but the hope that all I've learned in Contracts is stored in my brain and will surface when it is needed tonight.


Casey said...

Ooooohh! Very, very nice!!! It's like a magic trick - is it a car or is it a truck? :)

Seriously though - what a great combo vehicle....and room enough for all the stuff to take on a camping trip. :)

Wishing you a high score on your final tonight!

Hadas Aguilar said...

I think you need to reread your post to get the full extent of how tired you are/were. I mean really read it for things like, "I actually like of like..." what the hell does that mean???



Zuska said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Mieke said...

Congratulations that you are done! Very exciting.

JG who created Ghost Whisperer is the reason I am married and have two beautiful sons. I met J at JG's 38th birthday party over ten years ago. We were just on the set. If you ever come down (or want G Whisperer stuff) let me know, I'll hook you up.