Monday, May 08, 2006

Civ Pro Final - Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress?

Well, I doubt it was truly an intentional disregard for the probability of emotional distress, no more so than any final exam. Actually, judging by the way I, and those I went out with following the final felt, maybe there was some battery involved. We all felt pretty beat up. (Can you tell that torts is my next exam?) I had lots to say, just not enough time to say it well and go back over my answers to check for errors or omissions. At least we all took the same test in the same amount of time. That's one down two to go. I'm already feeling fairly exhausted, and tomorrow is the 4-hour closed-book exam; Thursday the 3-hour one. Wow. It's going to be a long, hard week, but then, I am done with 1L! My family is very excited to have me home, and I think it is going to be nice to spend my evenings and weekends being a family rather than a student. I'll be ready for school to start in the fall, but for now, I am ready for the summer break!

On that note, I am taking suggestions for summer leisure reading. (Classmates - you remember that, right? It's where you read for fun, not because you need to learn the material, and you will NOT be tested on it later.) Required elements: 1) Must be entertaining; 2) Must be mostly mindless; 3) If there is ANY educational value, that must be a secondary purpose of the material. Bonus points for strong lesbian characters or appearing on the best-seller list so I can give the impression I have somewhat kept up on pop culture during my law school career. Suggestions need not be particularly current as I've done little pleasure reading since our 4-year-old was born. Sleep-deprivation and non-mandatory reading do not go well together. I will be looking forward to your thoughts and be assured this is yet one more method of procrastination. Suggestions will be researched on for reader reviews and probably purchased there, too. That ought to take up some precious study time! Thanks! Have a wonderful week!


jen said...

My favorite book of the last few years, maybe ever - The Time Traveler's Wife. Almost universally loved by everyone I've recommended it to (my mother being the only exception). It's about a relationship between a couple where the man jumps through time uncontrollably - and the girl/woman doesn't (I saw girl, because she first meets him when she's 6 - though they don't meet in "real" time until she's 20 I think). It sounds like wacky sci fi, but I hate sci fi and loved this book. The time travel bit is all very well justified within the storyline and not at all hokey. I'm not sure if I'm in current possession of it, but if I am, I'll bring it tomorrow in case you're interested.

Runner up - "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Pocoult. A family has a daugher with leukemia (i think) and so they have another daugher to be a genetically matched donor. then the donor daugher decides she doesn't want to be a donor any more, causing much family strife. very well written, with first person viewpoints from each of the family members.

Another good one, with some interesting insight into recent Afghanistan - The Kite Runner.

Hadas Aguilar said...

Well, I am ever fond of John Irving and recommend Widow for a Year.
I have his new book, my sister sent it to me 3 months ago - it is waiting for this weekend (as am I).
If you are looking for quick, quirky, and humorous (with a little lesbian love) I think Rita Mae Brown is always enjoyable.

my $.02

Anonymous said...

I second the John Irving suggestion-also his novel, A Prayer for Owen Meany is my favorite book of all time.

I also recommend: The Da Vinci Code & Angels and Demons by Dan Brown if you haven't already read them (I actually thought Angels & Demons was the better of the two). Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris is HILARIOUS (it's a collection of essays-nonfiction).

If you like mystery/detective books, here are my absolute favorites (as in, I've read them several times each):

The Kinsey Milhone series (the "alphabet series") by Sue Grafton is great,

The Stephanie Plum series ("One for the Money", "Two for the Dough", etc...) by Janet Evanovich is extremely funny,

The Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell is awesome, much darker than the previous 2 series mentioned, and the main character's niece-who is a central character in the more recent books-is a lesbian, as is the author, I believe).

I recently started re-reading the Da Vinci Code so I can see the movie & am in search of new authors during my oh-so-short break before summer school & the start of my externship...hope you have a great summer!