Thursday, March 02, 2006

This is SO COOL:

There is this website business that will robot your website (or blog!) and make up a "word cloud" based on it. They then offer to sell you a T-shirt with the image on it. They do other cool things, too that I will have to go back and read about.

Check 'em out:

I started to order one of these shirts for my partner, based on her web site, but she has so many, figured it was a personal thing that she'd probably prefer to decide for herself. (Sorry, babe.) Besides, maybe she doesn't want people reading the fine print on her chest, as I, apparently, do *grin*. OK, well, I haven't ordered one yet, but I might! I really got a kick out of seeing the words that are so relevant to my life right now. Made me laugh to see "appellate" on there, actually "appellate argument." The word combinations are quite remarkable. By the way, if you aren't impressed with the first cloud, you can go back and try again, they seem to change a bit each time.

Thanks to LawMom for the link :)

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