Monday, March 06, 2006

Oregon Supreme Court in Action

You know those moments when you are in a situation but observing it, too? (Hadas will appreciate this post.) Standing in line, waiting to enter the Supreme Court / classroom today I had one of those moments. The Oregon Supreme Court held court on our campus today. Students, especially 1L's, were encouraged to attend. As I waited in line with many other students, hoping for a seat in the court room, rather than in the overflow area, I watched people and tried to figure out their reason for attending - some seemed to look at it as a just a good reason to skip regular classes with potential for socializing pre-and post-game. Others seemed quite serious, maybe hoping to someday be one of the attorneys arguing before the Court. Others, like me, were most likely in the middle somewhere. Most were dressed casually, but a few, particularly the "door guards" were dressed up. (Funny how some people "look" like lawyers and some just don't, even when dressed up.I know, I've been poisoned by too many media stereo-types.) Still, hanging out, looking at the crowd, it was strange to think that some day most of these people would be attorneys, all with different motivations, thoughts on life, and belief systems. I also realized that some will realize this is so not the profession for them. Interesting.

More interesting was being in the courtroom and realizing how easy it would be to do something inappropriate - like start asking questions out loud, or talking to my neighbor, or something...and I realize that I often have these thoughts in public arenas. (Though this one varied in that it did not occur to me to yell "fire," as it often does.) This would be a really bad way to start a career, and would probably actually end it before it ever really begins. Guess it is good I have impulse control. I then thought about the attorneys and Justices all joining in on a musical number (thank you, Hadas) and before I got far on that I was actually sucked into the details of the case, all thoughts of inappropriate behavior gone.

Witnessing the Oregon Supreme Court in action was interesting and highly recommended, especially if you are a law student. It's always nice to see what we are learning about in practice. I'm glad we had the opportunity presented to us in such a convenient manner.

Wow. I just reread this. How non-entertaining can I get? Quite, apparently. Still, it's written and I am going to subject my dear readers to it, because at least it is a post, and as was noted during February, I sometimes do not update frequently enough. So there.

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I am glad I have influenced you in such a sick and twisted way.
We may never sit next to each other at public functions - our prospective careers depend on it!