Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Frightening Reality

They let 24-year-olds be lawyers.
I just read a 24-year-old's blog and she's ordered her cap and gown.

Now, before you start in on me being some kind of age bigot, let me just say, that I bet most 24 year-olds about to graduate from law school are 1) really smart and 2) just as amazed as I am that they are about to be let loose as attorneys in the real world (after passing the dreaded bar, of course). I will likely be amazed when they let me loose, as well. (I'll beat my smartass classmates to the punch and say, "I know, you will be amazed, too.)


Hadas Aguilar said...

I am an age bigot...
I cannot believe it either - at least we can take comfort that the first several years she will be told what to do by senior associates...
We can only hope!

Zuska said...

as a 33 year old momma law student - i also cannot believe it. i can't believe it as i sit in class every day. or rather, sit in the library, and overhear some of the conversations that go on amongst the 24 year olds.

i have heard that there are whispers of a trend that law schools are right now looking for and thinking of requiring applicants who have at least 2 years of work experience in between undergrad and law school.

I truly believe that would be wise.