Monday, January 09, 2006

The L-Word - Season 3

It has been pointed out to me that I have been terribly negligent about updating this blog. Apparently when a law student goes on vacation, this applies to more aspects of life than just school!

OK, so the hard part now is coming up with something interesting to discuss. Perhaps I could both rejoice and lament the start of Season 3 of “The L Word.” I am so excited for this season to be under way, but sad that we do not have Showtime. I would love to support Showtime for the ground-breaking work they are supporting, however, our budget does not allow for it. We supposedly have someone taping the show for us. I hope it works out! For my fellow L Word fans, check out Showtime’s web site for previews, deleted scenes, and more:

Did I forget to mention that “more” includes a Podcast interview with Kate Moennig (“Shane”)? (Last week’s was with Leisha Hailey. Highly entertaining.)

Hmmmm….according to Showtime’s website we could upgrade for $12, or less, per month. That’s a mere $3 per episode. THAT just might be a worthwhile investment! *grin* (By the time we pay someone for tapes or DVD’s and postage each week, or even once per month, we’d be ahead to subscribe…..hmmmm….C, seems I need our account number to check into this further. *heh-heh*)

OK, OK, you’ve forced the confession from me….I’M AN L-WORD-A-HOLIC! I’ve started watching Season 1 over again. I just can’t get enough. (Besides, since I’ve seen it once, I can now skip through all the monotonous Jenny-drama.) I think this speaks highly to the desperate need of us lesbians to see ourselves portrayed in a realistic and in-depth way on television. Not being a “California lesbian,” these may not be the “types” of lesbians I am used to seeing, but on some level, we’re all the same – all just people, doing the best we can, living our lives, loving, experiencing whatever comes next. The characters feel very real – a credit to Ilene Chaiken, her fabulous team of writers, and the wonderful (mostly straight) actors who portray them. Check out the “behind the scenes” interviews. Yes, OK, it helps that they are really HOT. I am sometimes remarkably shallow.

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Casey said...

Ok - let's look into it! Laura did indeed tape the first episode for us yesterday but I'm all for seeing them immediately. :)

And yeah - you're shallow. But I must be as well. *wink*