Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Got Showtime!

Not wanting to be a scofflaw by asking someone to tape "The L Word" for me (seems like it would be illegal*, though really, it can act as free advertising and doubt it would be worth pursuing in court) we have ordered Showtime. Or rather, my dear, sweet wife has ordered it for us! (Thank you, honey!) Ah, who am I kidding? We did it for purely selfish, carnal reasons! $12 a month for 4 episodes - less than the price of a pizza - great use of our hard-earned money! I already feel as though I am making a significant contribution to society by supporting Showtime, the wonderful people who are allowing lesbians into our home on a regular basis. No, wait, that would be our dogs :)

So, the bad news of the day: Daughter, who turned 11-months old today, has a fever and is CRANKY. Wife is stressed that I will be back in school next Monday. Son has cabin fever since he's not been on an outing since Sunday, and now can't since his baby sister is sick.

The good news: I will soon be starting my second sememster of law school, meaning I successfully completed the first quarter. (Yes, grades TBD.) Even more exciting - we can now watch "The L Word" as new episodes air. Yippee!

Do you know I can take a legal class on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity? How interesting would that be? It all ties in...

*My very purely, non-legal opinion. No legal research was done in formation of this opinion.

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