Monday, December 05, 2005

It has been pointed out by both my wife and a fellow law student seeking procrastination support that I have not updated my blog on a regular basis since serious prep for finals set in. Never fear – I am still here – and have been involved in a variety of non-school-related activities in order to assure that my own procrastination skills stay sharp! I have NOT spent all this away time studying. It is, after all, the Holiday, and I have shopping to consider. My wife’s Birthday is December 15th (right, Con Law final day). Best part about that is that it will be my last final. The Birthday present part is NOT going back to school after that night until January 16th. Wow – a whole month off! Sounds so decadent!

It will be strange to be back at home for a whole month. We all have our own new routines and ways of doing things, and this will definitely be a departure. My wife is used to being “queen” of the household with me not being around much, but when I am back home at 5:00 every night, I am fairly likely to disrupt her reign. Well, she probably won’t mind me coming home to cook dinner, give the kids their baths and generally make the “out of control” evening time more bearable. Hey – how about this one: instead of Wednesday being study day, it will be family day! There’s a treat. The kids other mom may want to take that opportunity to go out and have some alone time while I stay with the kids….or MAYBE, if I am feeling really brave…I will take the kids out somewhere and she can have the whole house to herself. It will be a good month, but it will go by fast, and then we’ll all have to get used to my school schedule again. Next semester, instead of getting out at 8:30 on two nights, it will be 9:00 instead. 9:00 on a Friday night? Whose bright idea was that? Ugh.

OK, well, as I this is not particularly entertaining, I am going to move along and consider blogging again later. Maybe I can think of some interesting stuff to write. I know that a fellow law student is hoping for some juicy stuff, and had hoped to find it last week in the story behind a deleted comment on this blog, but alas, it was only spam I had deleted. Let me see what I can come up with!

Have a Happy week! (Now get back to studying!)

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Casey said...

Personally speaking, I'm actually looking forward to a friendly face coming through the door at 5pm - and I know two little ones who are going to be over the moon!

As for time alone in the house? Sounds like a trip to heaven for me! LOVE IT!!!! :)