Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Three Days to Go!

What a busy couple of weeks! Just yesterday Vicki was finally able to pack all of her belongings that have been in two storage units in Virginia into one storage container that will soon be bound for our new home.  That is a huge relief for her, and nearly the last step into moving her life to the Pacific Northwest.  The truly final step will be the drive out that we will begin together this Saturday.  I fly out to DC on Friday. On Saturday we will visit with some friends, and then start driving her car out to its new home with us.  It should be an adventure!

Along the way we will stop at some major tourist attractions, probably some minor ones, pick up a few souvenirs for us and the kids, but hopefully nothing large enough that we will need a premier mount once we get it home!  We have been so busy we have not even planned the trip or the route yet. Yikes!

We will hope our luck with "winging it" holds!

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