Friday, June 29, 2012

Pre-Trip Trip

Today is the day I fly to DC, and tomorrow we begin our journey back across the US. I am excited and looking forward to whatever may come our way. 

On the home front, we are still only partially unpacked, some rooms look good, the big living room has no furniture, but there is a big area rug plus a couple of drums and guitars (a Fender electric and a baby Taylor, not a PRS) set up to make the room look friendly.  Boxes are scattered here and there, but enough is unpacked that it is very livable. I have to wonder how long it will be until all things are really put away.  Maybe if we each tackle one thing per night for a couple weeks, we will be in good shape!

OK, in about 10 minutes I catch the Max to the airport, then off to Chicago, and a connecting flight to DC.   I plan to blog and put up photos along the way, so stay tuned!

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Lynilu said...

I'm looking forward to being along on your trip. What fun! I did a trip Seattle to Florida after my hub died, and it was interesting, as well as cathartic. I'll bet you two will have a fun trip!

Make lots of memories!