Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Sun is Here!

Being deprived of the sunshine for so long makes it that much sweeter when it finally arrives. People are leaving my work building in droves to soak up a little happiness. We are literally going outside, turning our faces skyward, and basking in the glory shining down upon us. This morning - gray, gloomy, cold (in the 40's). This afternoon - beautiful, sunny, blue sky, temps in the 70's.



Casey said...

LOVE that photo!! It is so amazing outside - hard to believe 4 hours ago I was waiting outside Boy Wonders classroom wearing a t-shirt, sweater AND jacket! Bring it on!!!!!!

Dakota said...

Thank you! Sometimes that little camera phone does a great job! I know what you mean. I was COLD this morning, and now, I am about to drive home in blissful warmth :)

Lynilu said...

What a photo!!!! WOW!!!