Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not about the weather

I am guessing my readers would like to read about something other than me griping about the weather, which was my first thought. Out of sheer determination, I am avoiding that topic. I feel like I should write about something a little deeper than the weather (or the snow expected in the mountains today). Maybe I should discuss my thoughts about the meaning of life, what our purpose on this planet is, and how it is not about material possessions or power or who makes the most money. Sure, it is nice to buy expensive cars and jewelry and go on exotic vacations sunny locales, where there is not rain and temperatures in the 40's in June. Life is about feeling good about who we are and who we love and how much we enjoy spending time with them out in the backyard, huddled in our winter coats, using our umbrellas to block the wind as we plant our tiny tomoto plants which will nourish us in the fall (if they survive the cold temperatures and rain). It's not about the weather. No. Not about the weather.


Lynilu said...

Nothing to do with your topic (sorry!), but I just read Casey's blog, and I wanted to ask .... are you writing this from Tahiti? If not, perhaps you should! LOL! Stay well!

Casey said...

Oh sure - SHE is encouraged to run away and me? I just get to stay and fight in the trenches of pink eye hell. Sheesh.

I see who is more loved around here. Well fine!


Lynilu said...

But Casey .... you were already complaining of symptoms, so I figured you'd be the loyal wife and devoted mother, volunteering to stay in the trenches and save Dakota!!

No, I love you, too!

Lynilu said...

Oh, BTW, Dakota, do you want to get into this discussion? In your own blog? Jus' askin'.


Dakota said...

Lynilu -
No, that's OK. You two are doing fine without me :)
(Besides, I am packing my bags for Tahiti...maybe once Casey has gotten the kids their passports and immunizations, she'll want to join me. Hahahaha!)

Casey said...

Oh aren't you two just the funny ones.