Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Welcome Home Family!!!

Figuring most people that read my blog also read my partner's, I neglected to reveal the very important fact that my wife and kids are now back at home, after 5 weeks away. It has been tough for us all, especially my wife, who was away from home to be with her dying mother. It is a time of loss and sadness, yet we are grateful she was able to be with her mom and family, where she really needed to be. Not all people are able to do this. I'm sure this has given her some sense of peace and "rightness," even as things seemed so wrong.

I'm glad she could go, but am happy now to have my family back home!

Welcome home, my sweet loved ones!


Casey said...

Thanks honey! We're happy to be home - even if it seems surreal and I have no clue what my routine is anymore.

It's been a wild ride, that's for sure.

patti_cake said...

Ya'll are all so lucky to have each other. Your little tight-knit family will see you through.