Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boys are Weird.
I love my son dearly - I really, really do. This weekend, however, I realized that apparently 5 is the age at which the reasons that girls think boys are weird become apparent. For instance, yesterday after playing a treasure-hunt/adventure game with said 5-year old, I told him it was time that I play with his sister, a 2-year-old girl. We started playing with a dollhouse, and he asked if he could play, too. Of course, I told him. Soon, our game of setting up furniture and putting the dog in the dog house, turned into sliding toys off the top of the doll house, and using pieces of furniture or action figures to totally destroy the contents of the house. His destructive tendencies were in fine form!

Later, we were playing with a wooden train set. We set up a track and all three of us were rolling trains along the track when suddenly - EARTHQUAKE! The entire track was being ripped apart as part of the game. I convinced my son he needed to leave his sister's part of the track alone so she could continue playing and he could do whatever he wanted with his part. The trains started crashing....a single piece of his sister's track was removed to see what the train crash would look like..etc. I thought to myself, "Oh, right - boys are weird." My son is weird. Still, I love him, and know we will do our best to allow him to be himself, play in the ways he needs to, while focussing and limiting the destructiveness as much as possible. I guess the challenge of two moms raising a boy are just beginning. So far, so good...


patti_cake said...

I was so relieved when I was pregnant to find out I was having a girl. I always said I wouldn't know what to do with a little boy. Now i've been thinking about what it would be like to have a boy. Do you mind if I just live vicariously through Kelton? :)

Jojo said...

I have learned so many nature/nurture lessons from my son. At 4 1/2, he is just as weird as yours!