Monday, February 12, 2007

More than The L Word
OK, so I get that the highlight of my life should not be the new episode of The L Word. Yet, it is a nice time of the week - kids are asleep after a fun (and usually exhausting) weekend, wife and I finally have some quiet time together, and there, on our tv, in our very own living room, is something that though it may not exactly represent our lives, is about people like us. It's about women who love women, and who don't need a man to make them happy or complete. It's about hanging out with people who get that and it's just the way life is - no questions, no judgments, no taking on the world - well, not about their sexuality, anyway.

But - what I was actually getting at is this: though I am loving The L Word, with Shane's mysterious powers of attraction, Jenny's lunacy and Bette and Jody totally becoming the hot couple of the show, here was the highlight of my weekend. Baby Girl turned Two:

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! Your Mama is amazed by you and thinks you are the most adorable thing in the whole wide world.

Ah, now this is real life. Going from hot lesbians to babies and motherhood in 1.75 seconds. THIS is "the way that we live, and love" (to quote the somewhat obnoxious theme song).

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heather said...

I look forward to the L Word all week too!