Monday, August 14, 2006

I haven't even mentioned our new car yet!

We bought a cute little Scion xA. It's the little sibling of the bigger boxy car that has everyone asking, "What is that?" They are Toyotas, so I feel confident in the quality. Great gas mileage, stick shift, fun to drive, and holds more in its tiny cargo space than one would suspect. It's already done a trip to the beach and to Seattle. I don't have a photo, but here's a link. The color is Indigo Ink (blue). With the Saturn pushing 100K miles and me driving about 40 per day, I was starting to fear for the amount of money we were going to have to shell out in repairs on a car that was fine, but just that - "fine." This has become our new weekend warrior vehicle. Way fun!

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Casey said...

Oh yeah - ya just gotta love our little car. If I didn't have a need to lug around a stroller, I jus tmight trade in the SUV and get a second one. It's F-U-N to drive! :)