Friday, April 28, 2006

Thanks to all

(BTW- What has this world come to when your blog gets high-jacked?)

Thanks to all who posted or sent me personal Birthday wishes, and a special thanks to Hadas, who led our Civ Pro class in a rousing version of "Happy Birthday." No, I don't hate you. Yes, it was embarrassing, but what the h*ll. I'm sure I will embarrass myself much worse in the law school years to come.

My son woke up very excited to open my presents yesterday morning. He managed to wait until the rest of the family was awake, and then I somehow slowed him down enough to let his baby sister help out a bit, too. One of the gifts was an outdoor game set, so we had to immediately go outside and play. Mind you, this was about 8:00am, and I was still working on my first cup of coffee. Still, it was already warm outside and we had fun. Thanks to my wife and kids!

The morning was spent with my family and by noon I was on campus to study. Being my lucky day, there was a BBQ/party happening on campus so I got a free lunch and the opportunity to hang out with a group of fun day students who were very happily intoxicated. I could have joined in, but pretty sure that would have effectively defeated by study session. Besides, the only way to stay awake would have been to continue drinking and as it was only noon, and my classes would not end until 8:30 that night, that just seemed like a bad idea for me. I'm glad it worked out for some of my classmates :)

There was a small amount of drinking, a minor rumble of panic over how much I do NOT remember of Civ Pro, and some great time commuting listening to my new CD - the soundtrack to Rent. Way fun! All in all, a good day.

Happy Weekend!

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