Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's Done

You know the part of Rent (the musical) - the 1996 version - where about three different people say, "It's over," all in different contexts about different subjects? The last one, as I recall, is Benny referring to Angel's battle with AIDS. Somehow, that phrase accurately reflects how I feel right now. "It's over." Last night, at 9:40, when I closed my laptop, the nearly-final version of our brief having been sent to my partner for a last review, I felt elated. Today, after some last minute printing challenges, it's merely exhaustion. (Why the h*ll is it on print preview, but won't print on the hard copy?) I guess that could have something to do with the fact I've been dealing with this stupid cold for getting close to two weeks now, and the last couple of nights not getting nearly enough sleep for mostly child-related reasons. At any rate, those things, combined with the HUGE relief of our appellate brief being out of our hands and at the copy shop, have left me wiped out.

Any ideas for how to stay awake during Contracts tonight?

Good luck to all of my classmates. I hope you already are, or are soon-to-be, done with your brief, too!


Hadas Aguilar said...

You know, one way to stay awake during K's (I have found) is not attending. I know that sounds odd, but I have been too exhausted to go to class on occassion...only when I stay home I end up wide awake in front of the boob tube.

Then again there is what I do when I feel the z monster on my shoulder - start raising your hand and talking in class. I mean I probably put everyone else to sleep - but that isn't my concern.

Mieke said...

Good for you! Phew.

Declan's Mom said...