Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thanks to all

I just wanted to say thank you to all of my classmates, friends and complete strangers who have expressed their sympathy and support over our daughter's frightening event last week. Thank God, all remains normal at our house, and we pray this was a one-time occurence. We still do not know for sure what happened. We've discovered some babies have sort of a syndrome of a reflex of holding their breath when a shock or trauma happens. Hmmmm "holding their breath" sounds so voluntary and like something you would see happening and could stop's not like that. It's more like they just stop breathing. Well, as I said, we don't know, and don't want it to happen again in order to find out.

Mieke, who recently commented on this blog, in case you ever drop by again, I wanted to wish you luck getting into law school. You have to believe, whether or not you get in, that things will work out the way they are meant to. I am in an evening progam with mostly over 30-somethings, and a majority of us have kids. Yes, I believe in many ways those of us with little kids have it harder than those without kids. In addition to worrying about school work, and for most of us, a full-time day job, we're worried about our kids, and feeling guilty, on some level, that we are not with them. We know what we are doing is best for the family in the long run, but on a day-to-day basis, it can be hard to face. If you get in, and going to law school is what you want and need to do, you will make it work. You'll find creative ways of connecting with your kids, and the time you do spend with them will be so precious. Good luck!

A good topic - the ways having a family while in law school can be the most difficult part. This would have been so much easier to do as an early-to-mid twenty-something with no real responsibilities or commitments, yet. How stupid was I? Hey - think I'll wait until I'm almost forty, married and have two kids. That will be easier! Guess I'm not smart enough for the day program, right Hadas? Thank God for the "dumbed down" evening program. (For those not recognizing it, this last part has been sarcasm. Look it up.) When it all comes down to it, we've all got our own challenges to face, no matter where we are in life, or what our circumstances. Guess we all just need to remember that and pass out a few words of support or a smile to fellow classmates whenever we can. Who knows, it won't hurt us, and we might even make someone's day a little brighter.

Don't know how I ended up there. I better get to work!

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Mieke said...

Wow! A shout out after only two comments. I love that.

You are right about the guilt -that will be the hardest part. I work from home now, have since baby #1 was born. I am really really lucky to have had so much time with them. I go out for hours at a time for meetings, sometimes I am locked in my office for hours and they are with the au pair (by the way - I wish we'd done the au pair thing sooner- we had nannies before). I work but the boys always know they can come if they need me (unless the door is closed), I was home to nurse them and take them to the park if I felt like checking out early.

I am not going to have that flexibility once/if I am in law school. I will have to keep reminding myself that we can make it work and that it is only temporary. Right now I am looking at a school in Los Angeles that has a mommy-track. It's a 3.5 to 4 year program, but all of the classes are from 9am to 1pm so if you need to get your kids from school you can be home. How great is that? I figure I'd stay at school, reading, until three. Gabo would be picked up by the au pair and just be at home napping anyway. On my way home, I'd pick up Jonas and we'd have some mommy time. Then after bedtime more studying. Does this sound reasonble or like I am high?

If I only get into a three year program, I will just have to suck it up and plow through. Doing the best that I can to balance the demands. I have tried to only apply to schools that work with mothers (giving us a choice of section so that we can be finished with our classes earlier in the day).

The wait is agony.

I am thrilled to have another mother or two to talk to about the unique demands of our lives.