Friday, September 09, 2005

Almost Survived Week 2

We have almost completed week 2 of law school and we are surviving. My partner seems to be having a better week this week than last. Our son has been really good this week, and he gets to stay up to see me on school nights. When I get home, we play a bit and then I put him to bed. Makes for late nights for all of us, but worth it to get to spend time together. Our baby girl may not notice when I am gone, but she sure is happy when she sees me. It is great seeing the big smile light up her face and having her reach for me. Oh, she is crawling in earnest now - no stopping that girl! My partner has her work cut out for her!

Classes are still fun. I love the way we are being encouraged to think and analyze. This is so much different from classes where the professor gives you the answers and you memorize them (not that there was a lot of that at my undergrad schoo, The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA). Here, we often hear, "we don't know the right awswer," but they help us look at the things we should be considering. Cool.

An odd thing has really struck me being back in an academic atmosphere - that is the man/woman dynamic and the potential for mating behaviors. (Sounds so scientific.) At work, if you see members of the opposite sex talking, it is still assumed to be work ( maybe it's that we only have 5 men where I work and they are all gay) school...well, maybe they are talking about class, maybe they are flirting, maybe they are doing both. This is particularly pronounced at times before the evening students are on campus. I have found myself wondering if I should approach someone I know if they are with a member of the opposite sex. Will I be interupting their flirting session? What if I know they are married? I say man/woman....which I know leaves out the same sex couples, but let's face it, the stats are heavily stacked in the other direction. Besides, hopefully I could more easily pick up on the vibe if it was same-sex flirtation happening. OK - weird line of thought and I am not articulating it well. I'll end here. Must go work on my Civil Procedure homework (aka Civ Pro).

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