Friday, August 14, 2015

Considering Law School As a Parent?

I see law students and potential law students are still finding this blog - cool!  I have been wondering what people are looking for when they arrive at my site, and how I might be able to provide that kind of information on my new website:

Judging by which posts are the most popular, it looks like there are a lot of people out there interested in pre-law school type advice - studying for the LSAT, finding time to study when you have kids, knowing how to balance law school when you have a family, and those sorts of things.  

If you are at the point you are considering law school, but not sure if it is right for you, I have a good idea of what you are going through.  I know that all of the thoughts running through your head about finances, work load, career potential and so much more can get overwhelming.

I have created a "cheat sheet" with 20 of the top questions you should be researching and discussing with your spouse in order to make a well-thought-out, informed decision.  This cheat sheet can help you feel a bit more organized as you work your way through some tough decisions.  Get it by clicking here.  

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