Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Carpal Tunnel Surgery #2

Thursday I go in for carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand. Last year, about this time, it was my right hand. It all started in my early 20's when I worked at fish processing in Alaska the summer before my final year of college.  I guess considering it took 20+ years to get bad enough to do something about, that's not so bad.  I have been fortunate to rarely have pain, only numbness.  Last year's surgery went very well and I have been pleased with the results.  My surgeon retired, so this hand will be done by a different doctor.  Hopefully, the results will be equal to or better than the last surgery.

I am right-handed, so I expect that the non-then-limited use of my left hand will not be nearly as difficult as the right hand was.  I have already been visualizing my days and thinking of the ways that I use my left hand. It is probably no surprise that it gets used a lot. Just imagine simple things like getting dressed or cooking a meal withone one of your hands.  Tricky, right? 

Truthfully, I am not very concerned.  Vicki took excellent care of me last year - helping me whenever needed - and trying to get me not to push myself too hard. She is wonderful!  I am only planning on taking Friday and Monday off of work. I'll see how it goes after that. If I am careful, I can still do my job with one hand - much of my job is done on the computer, or in meetings. I really don't want to use vacation time recovering. I should look into short-term disability, shouldn't I?  Hmmmm........

Anyway, last year we went to Bremerton for my recovery. Figured since I had to use vacation time, we should visit someplace pretty - took a ferry there and back, stayed in a place with a nice view, had some great meals.  This year, we have decided to enjoy some downtime at home.  I can sleep in my own bed, have lots of icepacks handy, and still have a beautiful view.  Not a bad recovery plan. :)

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Lynilu said...

Considering the surrounding beauty, I don't blame you for doing the recovery at home! Good luck with the surgery, and I will await your news in a few days.