Friday, January 20, 2012

Relaxing Reunion Ahead!

Vicki comes home tonight, after 2 VERY long weeks away, packing up, donating and storing her Virginia possessions, settling the house sale, and dealing with the last-minute ex drama.  I suppose for such a huge life transition, drama was to be expected. Besides her ex causing drama, Vicki nearly threw out her back, so had to stay down for a few days, she caught a 12-hour bug, and just had so much stuff to deal with, she barely slept for those two weeks.  It was hard not being able to be with her to help, but I suppose the transition was something she needed to do on her own, and having me there with her ex would not have worked out well at all. 

I feel fortunate that we have the whole weekend ahead to catch up, both with each other, and on sleep.  We have no real plans and no place we have to be. I sense a weekend of Kindle reading, iPad play, surfing the net for everything from camera lessons to youtube downloaders and naps!  Maybe we'll get ambitious and go see a movie. We'd both like to see "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Neither of us read the book, though, and I just heard from a friend that the movie is confusing. Of course, this same friend did not like "Inception," so I am thinking we have different taste in movies.

Anyway, I am certainly looking forward to this weekend! 


Lynilu said...

OH, I hope you enjoy it! The beginning of the rest of your life! I know, corny! But seriously, enjoy and relax, start getting into the uninterrupted patterns of a good, long life together.

Caroline said...

Oh...I am so sorry Vicki has had a hard time lately. I hope you enjoy this weekend. Unplug the phones and just enjoy being with each other.