Thursday, May 29, 2008

What about the zoo?

You will all be happy to know there was no need for gps tracking on Boy Wonder! He arrived home safely and excited about what a great time he'd had. Yippee!

"So, what was your favorite thing about the zoo?'

"Collecting things at the information center."

The boy is a paper products junkie, and brochures are just the thing to feed his habit. He will carry them around in a plastic grocery bag for the next week, along with anything else deemed particularly special right now, and may or may not ever look at them. Odd? I don't know since I've never had a six-year-old boy before, but seems a bit peculiar. Harmless enough though, and soon he will realize he can actually read those brochures. Way Fun!


Lynilu said...

The boy will always be informed!!

Monogram Queen said...

That's funny, Maddie shreds paper. Always has.

Casey said...

I do think Wonder Boy comes by this obsession honestly. My younger brother was exactly the same way with brochures and carrying around bags full of "stuff". We should be so lucky to have K turn out as well as J. :)

Love you! :)